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World of Color at Disney's California Adventure

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

"World of Color" is a one-of-a-kind, nighttime show at Disney California Adventure, part of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. The show is unique in its utilization of water, lights, lasers, and projections to bring various Disney and Pixar stories to life. "World of Color" offers a unique blend of technology, storytelling, and entertainment that sets it apart from other theme park experiences.

Various Disney and Pixar characters and scenes are projected onto a massive mist screen, which is created by the fountains. These projections are intricately coordinated with the fountains and music, immersing viewers in a colorful spectacle. Beyond just the projections, the show integrates vibrant lights and lasers that dance in synchronization with the water and music. Iconic songs from Disney and Pixar movies play throughout the show, guiding the narrative. The music is a mix of classic tunes and more contemporary tracks, all woven together in a seamless audio experience. "World of Color" isn’t just about visual and audio splendor. At its core, it tells multiple stories from Disney and Pixar's vast repertoire. This includes moments from movies like "The Little Mermaid", "Finding Nemo", "The Lion King", "Frozen", and many others.

"World of Color" makes use of approximately 1,200 fountains to shoot water up into the air in intricate patterns and heights, with some reaching up to 200 feet. The show’s infrastructure is truly impressive. Beneath the water's surface is a massive platform with all of the fountains, lights, and technology required to pull off such a detailed and large-scale performance. In June 2018 during a refurbishment, a submerged electrical equipment vault flooded resulting in a reopening delay of several months. There's a designated viewing area for the show, and it's highly

recommended to grab a FastPass for a better view. Without a FastPass, you can still see the show, but you might be positioned further back. For $89 per person, A World of Color

Dessert Party is available to guests. After a day at the park, save room for dessert and get ready for prime views of the World of Color nighttime spectacular. Feast on tasty colorful sweets and sip delectable drinks, while sitting at our dedicated viewing area to watch the dazzling show.

**DISNEY PRO TIP** Each night, before “World of Color,” guests can log on to play the Fun Wheel Challenge on their mobile devices. Competing against other park guests to match the color patterns, the winner gets to control the lights on Mickey's Fun Wheel!

From time to time, "World of Color" receives updates or changes to incorporate new movies or to celebrate certain occasions. For instance, there have been versions themed for the holidays and for special anniversaries, here are a few of the themes throughout the years:

- May 22, 2015 - "World of Color: Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney" where Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse collaborate to introduce the show

- November 2016 - "World of Color: Season of Light" which was the holiday show for that season

- September 16, 2016 - "World of Color: Celebrate You!" where Disney hosted a special private event to honor their Disneyland Resort employees and cast members who served magic in the parks for 10 years to 60 years.

- September 20, 2019 - "World of Color: Villainous" which was created for the Oogie Boogie Bash for that year.

- January 27, 2023 - "World of Color: One"which is the most current show still playing today created for the 100th Anniversary.

"World of Color" is a testament to Disney's commitment to innovative entertainment. It's a must-see for visitors to Disney California Adventure and is a highlight for many who visit the park. For Disney fans, the show can evoke a deep emotional connection to their favorite characters and stories. It's a chance to relive the magic of Disney classics and form new memories with loved ones. Sharing the experience of "World of Color" with fellow park guests can create a sense of camaraderie and shared excitement, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the show. Watching "World of Color" at Disney's California Adventure Park offers a combination of visual splendor, storytelling, and a unique Disney experience that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. It's a magical and memorable way to end your day at the park.

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