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MAGIC HAPPENS Parade at Disneyland

The "Magic Happens Parade" is a daytime parade that was introduced at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, as part of the park's 65th-anniversary celebration in February 2020. The parade was designed to capture the magic and wonder of Disney stories and characters and bring them to life in a colorful and vibrant procession. Here is an overview of the Magic Happens Parade:

Theme: The parade's theme centers around the concept of magic and the belief that magical moments can happen at any time. It celebrates various Disney and Pixar characters, movies, and stories, showcasing their magical elements and memorable moments.

Floats: The parade features a series of intricately designed floats that are decorated with elaborate details, vibrant colors, and moving parts. Each float represents a different Disney or Pixar film and its characters. Some of the floats featured in the parade include those inspired by Moana, Coco, Frozen 2, The Sword in the Stone, and more.

Characters: The Magic Happens Parade includes a diverse cast of beloved Disney and Pixar characters who interact with the audience and each other. Spectators can see characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Moana, Elsa, Anna, and Miguel from Coco, among others.

Music: The parade features an original musical score, composed by Todrick Hall, which is an upbeat and catchy tune that sets the tone for the parade's magical atmosphere. The music helps create a sense of wonder and excitement for the audience.

Choreography: The performers in the parade engage in energetic and synchronized dance routines. Their movements are choreographed to match the theme and spirit of each float and the music, enhancing the overall entertainment value of the parade.

Costumes: The cast members in the parade wear costumes that are inspired by the Disney and Pixar characters they represent. These costumes are designed with attention to detail, adding to the overall visual appeal of the parade.

Magical Moments: Throughout the parade, various magical moments occur, bringing Disney stories to life in a way that captures the essence of the films. These moments often involve visual effects and surprises that delight both children and adults.

The Magic Happens Parade is a colorful and enchanting addition to Disneyland's entertainment lineup, bringing the magic of Disney and Pixar to guests of all ages

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