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Experience the Magic at Disney On-Property Hotels

Staying on property at a Disney resort offers a variety of benefits for guests visiting the Disney parks. While preferences and priorities differ among travelers, here are some commonly cited advantages to staying on Disney property:

1.  Convenience: Disney resorts are in close proximity to the parks. This can significantly reduce travel time, and many resorts offer transportation (like buses, boats, monorails, and the Disney Skyliner) to and from the parks.

2.  Extra Magic Hours: Disney occasionally offers Extra Magic Hours to guests staying at their resorts. This means that on certain days, you can enter a park earlier or stay later than the general public.

3.  Theme and Experience: Disney resorts are themed to the smallest detail, ensuring you are immersed in the Disney magic 24/7. From the hotel architecture to the room decor to the pools and recreational areas, everything is designed to provide a unique experience.

4.  Complimentary Transportation: Many Disney resorts offer free transportation to and from Orlando International Airport via Disney's Magical Express. On top of that, throughout your stay, there are buses, boats, and other modes of transportation that can take you to the parks and other Disney resorts.

5.  Early FastPass+ Reservations: Prior to changes due to the pandemic, guests staying at a Disney hotel could book FastPass+ reservations 60 days in advance (compared to 30 days for non-resort guests). Disney's FastPass system may continue to evolve, but staying on property often provides some advantages in accessing park perks.

6.  Dining Plans: When available, Disney Resort guests have the option to purchase Disney Dining Plans, which can simplify the dining experience and potentially offer cost savings.

7.  Entertainment and Activities: Disney resorts offer a variety of activities for guests, from movie nights to campfires to themed pools and water slides. Some resorts also offer character dining experiences.

8.  Advanced Dining Reservations: Guests at Disney resorts can typically make dining reservations at park restaurants before the general public.

9.  Integrated Charging: When staying at a Disney resort, you can charge park purchases to your room, consolidating all your expenses.

10.  Package Delivery: If you purchase merchandise in the parks, you can have it delivered to your resort for free. This means you won't have to carry around your purchases all day.

11.  Recreation: Many Disney resorts offer unique recreational activities, from horseback riding to fishing to golfing.

12.  Customer Service: Disney is renowned for its excellent customer service, and many guests find that staying at a Disney resort provides an extra layer of attention and care.

13.  Continued Disney Magic: For many, the appeal of staying in a Disney resort is the feeling of being in a "Disney bubble." The magic doesn't end when you leave the park; it continues throughout your entire stay.


While these are some advantages, it's essential to weigh the costs and benefits based on personal preferences and budget considerations. Some travelers might find off-property hotels or vacation rentals to be more cost-effective or better suited to their needs.

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