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Disney's Disability Access Service (DAS)

Updated: Nov 6, 2023


Disney Parks and Resort offers a service called the Disability Access Service (DAS) to help accommodate guests with disabilities who cannot wait in a conventional queue environment. This service is intended to provide an improved park experience for guests with disabilities, but it's important to remember that the specific processes and procedures associated with DAS could evolve over time. Always check the Disneyland Resort's official website or guest services for the most up-to-date information.

Here's a basic overview of how the DAS works

  1. Eligibility: Not all disabilities require DAS. Guests with mobility issues, for example, can often be accommodated directly in the regular queue or through the use of a wheelchair or motorized scooter. DAS is designed for guests whose disabilities prevent them from waiting in a traditional queue environment.

  2. Registration: To utilize the DAS, guests first need to visit Guest Services at the park entrance. Here, they will discuss individual needs with a cast member, who will determine if the DAS is appropriate. If so, the guest will have their photo taken, and the DAS will be linked to their park ticket.

  3. Using DAS: Once registered, when a guest wants to go on a ride or attraction, they'll visit the attraction and receive a return time based on the current wait time. This allows the guest to enjoy other park amenities instead of waiting in the conventional queue. When the return time comes up, the guest can return to the attraction and enter through the designated access point.

  4. One Attraction at a Time: Typically, DAS users can only have one active return time at a time. Once they've ridden their chosen attraction or the return time has passed, they can then obtain another return time for the same or a different attraction.

  5. Guests in Party: DAS is issued to the guest with the disability but also allows for the inclusion of up to 6 total guests including the DAS holder. This means that the person with the disability doesn't have to ride alone.

  6. Duration: DAS is issued for the duration of a stay at the Disneyland Resort, up to 14 consecutive days.

  7. Other Accommodations: The DAS is only one way that Disneyland Resort accommodates guests with disabilities. There are also auxiliary services for guests with visual and hearing disabilities, special dietary accommodations, and quiet zones for sensory disabilities.

It's essential for guests to communicate their specific needs to Disneyland Resort cast members to get the most appropriate accommodations. And again, always check for updates and changes to the DAS or other Disneyland Resort policies and services.


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