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WELCOME TO BATUU at GALAXY'S EDGE at the Disneyland Resort

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

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Welcome to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This is Disneyland's largest land spanning 14 acres. It transports guests to another galaxy and immerses them in a village on the remote planet of Batuu, which is home to strange aliens, creatures, droids, spaceships, buildings and terrain. The village and Batuu's largest settlement is called Black Spire Outpost. It is known for its petrified spires that are the ancient remains of towering trees. This remote outpost was once a busy stop along galactic trade routes, but since hyperspace travel has taken off and taken traders towards different routes, Batuu has been downgraded and left for those trying to keep a low profile or out of sight of the First Order. It’s still a thriving port for smugglers, traders and adventurers.

The Details

Look up and you might find a light fixture repurposed from an R2-series droid; see inside a crate to discover Boba Fett’s jetpack. The detailing throughout Galaxy’s Edge references Star Wars stories both famed and less familiar, so don’t let your eyes just gaze over the crumbling stone buildings and towering petrified trees. Take a closer look everywhere, including the water tank above the fountain inside the marketplace and you’ll be in for a treat. Want to know every hidden gem throughout the land? Come and explore and get lost in the wonder that lies at Galaxy's Edge.

Play Disney App

Before you enter Batuu, be sure to download the Play Disney Parks app! The app interacts with various things inside Black Spire Outpost. By utilizing the Play Disney Parks app within Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, guests can hack into droids or “break into” control and door panels and other devices with the hacking device, or use the translate tool which is actually extremely helpful because all of the names of shops, restaurants and other important landmarks/signage around the area are in Aurebesh. The tune tool allows guests to eavesdrop on satellite transmissions and learn stories from residents of Batuu, and lastly, the scan tool gives guests a peek inside completely closed cargo crates. You can even play an interactive game while you’re in line for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run! There’s also a low-key game happening all day pinning Resistance factions against First Order ones; scores are wiped at the end of the day and winners are given virtual “equipment”, like digital weapons and cargo, as a reward.

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Learn the Language

It’s Aurebesh, the language spoken in Star Wars films and television shows over the past forty-two years. You’ll still be able to find your way towards food and shopping, but expect all signs and posted placards to be in Batuu’s native tongue. You'll want to learn the language if you want to pass as a local.

"Bright suns," = Good morning

"Rising moons," or "Bright stars," = Good evening

"Goodbye" = "Til the spires," "May the spires keep you," or, "Good Journey."

Hydrators = Drinking Fountains

Refreshers = Bathrooms

The refreshers are cool, by the way, and there is a companion bathroom.

"Only the ancients know," = "I don't know."

Datapad = Cellphone.

If someone greets you with, "Ignite the spark," your response should be, "Light the fire."

The Marketplace

Shops are packed with small references to the films that are easy to miss at first glance.

Creature Stall - where park goers can take home stuffed Porgs and Wampas in cardboard “crates”, has an animated Loth Cat on display front and center, but the hidden animals up above are even more of a surprise.

Toydarian Toymaker - This alien species seen in "Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace" sells handcrafted toys made by local artisans that may or may not have been made with scavenged droid junkyard parts right there in Batuu.

The Jewels of Bith - Accessories, trinkets and other treasures.

Black Spire Outfitters - Clothing fit for space travelers to commemorate their adventures. Whether you need a robe or casual garb to blend in with the locals, you'll find an eclectic selection of functional clothing that suits the style of Batuu.

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities

Get ready to wheel and deal with Dok-Ondar. This Ithorian sells and buys rare and uniquely valued items from across the galaxy and all eras! He’s a moody one. Each crate, box and carving in the store has a story to tell. Look around this den of antiquities and you will find easter eggs from many, different movies, not just Star Wars films. This is the place to get your hands on jewelry, kyber crystals, statues and even famous lightsabers! If you want more info in detail about everything in Dok Ondar's, CLICK HERE!!

First Order Cargo

This spaceport hangar bay is the outpost's temporary base and landing spot of the First Order. Officers are determined to win over your hearts and minds (as if!) with gear, uniforms and other supplies!Resistance Supply

This secret makeshift stall supplies Resistance apparel, pins, badges, jackets, tools, training supplies and more! Join the cause to defeat the First Order... but use caution and do not get caught!

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

"Punch it" to this attraction, which features the full-size Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. On this intense adventure, you'll embark on a critical secret mission on behalf of Hondo Ohnaka. Your goal is to bring back loot to a vengeful space pirate as you pilot the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy while hurtling though hyperspace. Your six-person crew will be in the cockpit right behind the controls, acting in one of three roles as a pilot, gunner or flight engineer. A cast member will assign you a role in the mission by handing you a card with your job and job description. You do not get to pick, although you may trade with members in your group. When you exit the cockpit, you may notice damage and hissing sounds that are in relation to the condition you returned the ship! Some of our missions have gone better than others. May the Force be with you!

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Savi's Workshop

Hush Up!! Shush!! Warning: Do not ask where the lightsaber shop is because lightsabers are prohibited here. Instead, ask for the junkyard/workshop and inside this workshop, you are able to customize your own one-of-a-kind lightsaber under the guide of one of the Gatherers. This secret group has dedicated their lives to restoring balance and have extensive knowledge of Jedi lore and the Force. Select from the following lightsaber Reservations are highly recommended for the lightsaber experience. For more information on Savi's Workshop, CLICK HERE!

Droid Depot

If you're not ready for a lightsaber, head to the Droid Depot. Do you need a useful droid sidekick? Choose from the BB series or R2 series and assemble your new best friend from stacks of chips and parts. You can purchase pre-made droids, model kits, accessories and recycled objects made from scrap parts. You'll take your droid home in a box. If there is a long line outside the building to make a droid, you can still visit the store if you just want to see the shop or buy other items. There is a secret side entrance where you can enter and look around. Reservations are highly recommended for the build a droid experience. For more information on Droid Depot, CLICK HERE!

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Oga's Cantina

Here is a popular "dive bar" in the village of Black Spire Outpost. It's a sordid, shady establishment that is run by Oga Garra. Oga has a strict code of conduct to keep unruly visitors in check and since the cantina is a safe haven for smugglers and those looking to avoid the First Order, it’s best to keep your wits about you. This cantina serves adult drinks and non-alcoholic beverages in unique glasses and also the first place to ever serve alcoholic drinks inside Disneyland Park. Oga's Cantina offers galactic themed cocktails, nonalcoholic “mocktails” and other options! All the drinks are batched cocktails, which means they’re pre-mixed and made but include bizarre toppings. You’ll have to consume the beverages inside the cantina, no taking them to go. So sit back, relax and enjoy DJ “Rex” but definitely keep your eyes on the other cantina patrons. Reservations are highly recommended! For more information on Oga's Cantina and to peek at the menu, CLICK HERE!!

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Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

This is the place for exotic tastes and flavors cooked-up by Chef Strono "Cookie" Tuggs, who has traveled the galaxy far and wide after his time at Maz Kanata's castle on Takodana. Even in space you can find dishes like the Roasted Endorian Tip-Yip salad, Fried Endorian Tip-Yip, and smoked Kaadu Ribs. You can enjoy nonalcoholic beverages like Phattro and Moof Juice as well. End your meal with galactic desserts that will keep you coming back to Batuu for more. Docking Bay 7 offers Mobile Order. For more information on Docking Bay 7 and to look at the menu, CLICK HERE!!

Ronto Roasters

A recycled pod-racing engine powers the roasting for this dining experience. You can enjoy the Ronto Wrap or a Ronto-less Wrap. It is a favorite food in Batuuu among the locals. Ronto Roasters has Mobile Order. For more information and to see what is available CLICK HERE!!

The Milk Stand

Get your farm-fresh Blue Milk (or Green Milk!) from this stand direct from Bubo Wamba Family Farms. The frozen concoctions promise to be refreshing and unlike any milk you’ve ever tasted. The wait is over, because Milk Stand offers Mobile Order. What do these milks taste like? You may want to choose either Green or Blue and sip your milk from a Bubo Wamba Family Farms novelty drink vessel. CLICK HERE more more info.

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Kat Saka's Kettle

Got the munchies? Grab some Outpost Mix, a blend of sweet, savory and spicy popcorn and chocolate popcorn with Crait Red Salt. The salt is said to come from the uninhabited mineral world that is dusted by white salt. Collectors may be interested in the MSE-6 Series Repair Droid Souvenir Popcorn Vessel. The snack shop does not have Mobile Order. You can find these popcorn treats in the Market to the left of Ronto Roasters. CLICK HERE for more info.

Refreshment Stands

Be sure to pick up a special bottle of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite or Dasani, packaged just for Batuu. These are sprinkled throughout the land. If you'll be using the planet Earth airspace to fly back home, just be aware that the TSA has repealed the ban on the "thermal detonator" round bottles. If you want to take a bottle home, you can empty it and bring in carry-on luggage. If you want the soda for future enjoyment, be sure to pack it in your suitcase and check it.

From holocron secrets and IG-Series droids to Aurebesh translation devices, so much of it is real, unusual and unfathomably Star Wars. And, with Galaxy’s Edge proving to be massively popular already, having a heads up on the blue milk tricks, semi-free souvenirs and hidden dianoga beasts can make your visit to planet Batuu that much better.

Edited By: Ryder Lazo

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