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D23: The Official Disney Fan Club

D23: The official Disney Fan Club is a community and membership-based organization that celebrates all things Disney. It was named after 1923, the year Walt Disney founded the company. D23 offers exclusive access, events, and content for its members, allowing them to dive deeper into the world of Disney.

Membership Benefits:

1. D23 Magazine: Members receive a subscription to the quarterly publication filled with behind-the-scenes stories, interviews, and stunning artwork from various Disney projects.

2. Exclusive Merchandise: Members have access to limited-edition merchandise created specifically for D23 events and celebrations.

3. Discounts: Members enjoy discounts on select merchandise at Disney stores and online shops.

4. Special Events: D23 hosts unique events throughout the year where members can meet celebrities, attend panel discussions, screenings of upcoming films or shows, and get sneak peeks into new attractions at Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort.

5. Fan Expos: The club organizes D23 Expo every two years in Anaheim, California – an ultimate gathering for all things Disney where fans can experience exclusive presentations from filmmakers and executives while enjoying immersive exhibits.

D23 Gold Membership:

In addition to the general benefits mentioned above, there is also a paid Gold Membership option available with extra perks like:

1. Annual Gift: Gold members receive an exclusive gift each year as a token of appreciation.

2. Early Access & Priority Seating: They get early access to purchase tickets for select events before they are made available to general members or non-members.

3. Access to Member-Only Content: Gold members have access to additional online content such as videos showcasing Imagineering secrets or archived footage from classic films.

Overall, being part of D23 allows fans of all ages to connect with fellow enthusiasts while gaining insider knowledge about their favorite movies, characters, and theme park attractions through various exciting experiences offered by this official fan club!

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