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Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Snow White, one of Disney's most iconic princesses, is the titular character of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," Disney's first full-length animated feature film released in 1937. She is known for her beauty, kindness, and her ability to befriend seven dwarfs who become her protectors and friends.

Snow White is depicted as a young woman with fair skin, dark hair, and lips as red as a rose. Her classic look includes a blue and yellow dress with puffed sleeves and a high white collar, as well as a red ribbon in her hair. Snow White is known for her gentle, sweet, and kind-hearted personality. She is often described as the "fairest of them all" and possesses a pure and innocent spirit. She is compassionate and caring, even toward those who might appear rough or unkind. Snow White's story revolves around her escape from her wicked stepmother, the Evil Queen, who becomes jealous of Snow White's beauty and orders her to be killed. Snow White flees into the forest, where she befriends seven dwarfs and lives with them. Her kindness wins the dwarfs over, and they become her protectors. She also falls in love with a prince who rescues her from a deep sleep caused by a poisoned apple. Snow White has a special bond with the Seven Dwarfs: Dopey, Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, and Sneezy. She becomes like a mother figure to them and takes care of their cottage. She also shares a romantic connection with the prince who kisses her and awakens her from her deep slumber.

The story of Snow White has roots in European folklore and has been passed down through generations in various forms. It is believed that similar tales have been told in Germany, France, and other European countries for centuries. The character of a beautiful princess, a wicked stepmother, and magical elements are common themes in many of these folktales.

The most famous version of Snow White is the one collected and popularized by the Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, in their collection of fairy tales. Their story, titled "Schneewittchen" in German, was first published in 1812. In this version, Snow White is a princess who is persecuted by her jealous stepmother, the Evil Queen, who orders a huntsman to kill her. Instead, the huntsman lets her go, and Snow White finds refuge in the forest, where she encounters seven dwarfs.

Snow White's character set the template for many future Disney princesses. Her kindness, beauty, and ability to befriend animals are recurring traits in Disney's princess lineup. Snow White's film also established many of the classic elements of Disney storytelling and animation. Snow White's signature song is "Someday My Prince Will Come," which expresses her hope and longing for true love. Snow White's character and story have left an indelible mark on popular culture. She is a beloved figure in Disney's pantheon of princesses and remains a symbol of innocence and goodness. Snow White continues to be featured in various Disney merchandise, theme park attractions, and adaptations, ensuring her lasting legacy.

Snow White remains one of the most enduring and beloved characters in fairy tale literature, and her story continues to be a source of inspiration for adaptations and retellings in various forms of media. Disney's Snow White is a timeless character who has been cherished by generations of Disney fans and has paved the way for the many beloved princesses that followed in Disney's animated films.

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