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Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Harold the Yeti has a rich history at Disneyland and is primarily associated with the Matterhorn Bobsleds ride, which is located in Disneyland's Fantasyland. Here's a brief history of Harold the Yeti at Disneyland:

The Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction opened at Disneyland on June 14, 1959. It was one of the original "E-Ticket" attractions at the park, known for its innovative roller coaster design

and theming. When the Matterhorn Bobsleds first opened, it did not feature Harold the Yeti. The ride was themed to represent the Swiss Alps, and it was originally devoid of any specific character or storyline related to the Yeti. Harold the Yeti was added to the Matterhorn

Bobsleds ride in 1978 as part of a refurbishment. The Disney Imagineers (the creative minds behind Disney's theme park designs) introduced Harold as a mischievous and slightly menacing character who resides in the icy caverns of the mountain. Harold's role in the attraction is to surprise and entertain riders as they speed through the mountain's darkened interior. His appearances are brief, and he is often spotted growling, reaching out toward the bobsleds, or causing other playful disruptions during the ride. Over the years, Harold the Yeti has become an iconic and beloved character associated with the Matterhorn Bobsleds. Many Disneyland visitors look forward to encountering him during their thrilling journey through the mountain. The Matterhorn Bobsleds ride has undergone several refurbishments and updates over the years, but Harold has remained a key element of the attraction. He has been periodically refurbished and maintained to ensure his continued presence and appeal.

Harold the Yeti's presence in the Matterhorn Bobsleds ride has added an extra layer of excitement and fun to the overall experience, making the attraction even more memorable for Disneyland visitors. His history reflects Disney's commitment to storytelling and theming in their theme park attractions, creating memorable characters and experiences for guests.

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