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Figaro the Cat is a beloved character from Disney's classic animated film, Pinocchio. He is a small, black-and-white tuxedo cat with a mischievous yet endearing personality. Figaro is depicted as a small domestic shorthair cat with black fur and white paws, chest, and face markings. He has expressive green eyes that reflect his emotions. Figaro is known for being curious, playful, and sometimes even grumpy. Despite his small size, he possesses a big personality and often finds himself getting into amusing predicaments.

Figaro serves as Geppetto's pet cat in the movie. He shares Geppetto's workshop/home with other characters like Pinocchio and Cleo (the goldfish). Throughout the film, he provides comic relief through his interactions with other characters. Figaro has an interesting dynamic with Cleo the goldfish who also resides in Geppetto's workshop tank. They have playful moments together but also display occasional rivalry due to their contrasting natures.

One of the most memorable scenes involving Figaro occurs when he tries to catch Cleo while she swims around her fishbowl but ends up falling into it himself! Another notable moment is when he gets tangled up in yarn while trying to playfully chase after it. Over the years since its release in 1940, Pinocchio has become one of Disney's most beloved films, making Figaro an iconic character among Disney fans worldwide.

Figaro brings charm and humor to Pinocchio through his adorable antics and interactions with other characters like Geppetto, Pinocchio himself, Jiminy Cricket (the film's conscience), and even Stromboli (the puppet master). His presence adds a touch of feline fun to the magical world of Pinocchio.

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